Faible Furnishings is a platform for selected furnishings from the past century. The quality and aesthetics of the individual pieces are important for the selection. Our focus is on midcentury objects from Scandinavia and Germany. Especially the fusion of architecture, craftsmanship and design in the 1940–1960s in Denmark fascinates and inspires us to this day. In addition to danish classics by Ole Wanscher, Kai Kristiansen, Arne Wahl Inversen, Børge Mogensen, Peter Hvidt, Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen and Niels Otto Møller, we also regularly feature timeless design classics from other origins. Beautifully shaped vintage pieces are also part of our constantly changing portfolio.

Out of a faible for vintage and subtle design, Tjark Thielker founded Faible Furnishings in 2015. As a former landscape architecture student, his awareness of the need for sustainable design and aesthetics led him down the path of refurbishing, refreshing and reusing timeless design pieces. We believe this appreciative approach is less resource intensive and contributes to a more sustainable circular economy.

Our showroom is located in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where a living room-like arrangement displays our most beautiful furnishings. Most of our pieces are made of wood, often teak–a characteristic feature of 1950s to 1970s furniture. The pieces in warm colours often complete a modern interior. From expressive highlights to subtle functional objects, our pieces fit into almost any room or space. Around the furniture, we support young artists and friends through temporary art installations.

As we are fluent in German and English, we are happy to answer your questions by email or phone, as well as enquiries about orders and specific items. We look forward to your visit!


Blücherstr. 21, 10961 Berlin
Fri. 14:00–19:00
Sa. 11:00–17:00


+49 157 75364515